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Yukikaze's War

The Unsinkable Japanese Destroyer and World War II in the Pacific

ISBN: 9781108837293
Publication Date: 6/6/24
Pages: 311
Format: Hardback
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Only one elite Imperial Japanese Navy destroyer survived the cruel ocean battlefields of World War II. This is her story. Brett Walker, historian and captain, delves into questions of mechanics, armaments, navigation, training, and even indoctrination, illustrating the daily realities of war for Yukikaze and her crew. By shifting our perspective of the Pacific War away from grand Imperial strategies, and toward the intricacies of fighting on the water, Walker allows us to see the war from Yukikaze's bridge during the most harrowing battles, from Midway to Okinawa. Walker uncovers the ordinary sailor's experience, and we see sailors fight while deep-running currents of Japanese history unfold before their war-weary eyes. As memories of World War II fade, Yukikaze's story becomes ever more important, providing valuable lessons in our contemporary world of looming energy shortfalls, menacing climate uncertainties, and aggressive totalitarian regimes.

  • Provides a unique perspective on World War II as it was experienced by individual sailors
  • Shifts the history of World War II away from a traditional western narrative
  • A naval history told by an experienced US Merchant Mariner with in-depth understanding of life at sea