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Vietnam's American War

2nd edition

Author(s): Pierre Asselin

ISBN: 9781009229319
Publication Date: 3/6/24
Pages: 460
Format: Paperback
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The American war in Vietnam was so much more than the sum of its battles. To make sense of it, we must look beyond the conflict itself. We must understand its context and, above all, the formative experiences, worldview, and motivations of those who devised communist strategies and tactics. Vietnam's American War, now in its second edition, remains a story of how and why Hanoi won. However, this revised and expanded edition offers more extensive and nuanced insights into Southern Vietnamese history, politics, and society. It puts to rest the myth of Vietnamese national unity by documenting the myriad, profound local fractures exacerbated by US intervention. It also includes over thirty-five new images intended to highlight that the Vietnam War was, fundamentally, a Vietnamese civil war and tragedy. This new edition is as richly detailed as it is original, eye-opening, and absorbing.

  • Offers more extensive coverage of South Vietnamese history, politics, and society, making this book the most current, comprehensive and student-friendly book on the market
  • Stresses Vietnamese agency in the Vietnam War to counter the many US-centric accounts that exist
  • Includes an examination of the lasting impacts and legacies of the Vietnam War, providing students with a broad (and current) context in which to understand this conflict