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Throwing the Party

How the Supreme Court Puts Political Party Organizations Ahead of Voters

Author(s): Wayne Batchis

ISBN: 9781009095853
Publication Date: 30-06-2022
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The Supreme Court's jurisprudence on political parties is rooted in an incomplete story. Parties are, like voluntary clubs, associations of individuals that are represented by a singular organization. However, as political science has long understood, they are much more than this. Parties are also the voters who choose and support their candidates, the elected officials who govern, the activists and volunteers who contribute their time and energy, and the individual and organizational donors who open their wallets. Unfortunately, the Court's framework for understanding America's two-party system has largely ignored this broader conception of political parties. The result has been a distortion of the true nature of the two-party system, and a body of deeply inconsistent and contradictory constitutional case law. From primaries to campaign finance, partisan gerrymandering to ballot access, law and politics scholar Wayne Batchis interrogates, scrutinizes, and offers a proposed solution to this problematic jurisprudence.

  • Reveals the significant implications for American politics of the approach of the Supreme Court to political parties
  • Argues that the Court is informed by an inconsistent and misguided understanding of these critical institutions
  • Brings together political science and legal scholarship