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This Sacred Life

Humanity's Place in a Wounded World

Author(s): Norman Wirzba

ISBN: 9781009012584
Publication Date: 14-10-2021
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In a time of climate change, environmental degradation, and social injustice, the question of the value and purpose of human life has become urgent. What are the grounds for hope in a wounded world? This Sacred Life gives a deep philosophical and religious articulation of humanity's identity and vocation by rooting people in a symbiotic, meshwork world that is saturated with sacred gifts. The benefits of artificial intelligence and genetic enhancement notwithstanding, Norman Wirzba shows how an account of humans as interdependent and vulnerable creatures orients people to be a creative, healing presence in a world punctuated by wounds. He argues that the commodification of places and creatures needs to be resisted so that all life can be cherished and celebrated. Humanity's fundamental vocation is to bear witness to God's love for creaturely life, and to commit to the construction of a hospitable and beautiful world.

  • Describes how the ideas of earth as creation, humans as creatures, and vocation as creativity inform each other and illuminate what we understand about the meaning of life
  • Provides a deep philosophical and theological treatment of the meanings of place and rootedness
  • Draws on a variety of disciplines (philosophy, theology, anthropology, natural sciences, and environmental humanities) to develop innovative insights