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The Story of Cambridge

2nd edition

Author(s): Stephanie Boyd

ISBN: 9781107428881
Publication Date: 25/5/2023
Pages: 206
Format: Paperback
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How did a small market town on the edge of the Fens become famous throughout the world? And how do Cambridge's two communities – 'town' and 'gown' – get along? This engaging history explains how Cambridge has developed from its prehistoric roots to become a thriving modern city and a world centre for science, technology and artificial intelligence. Many local residents seldom stray into the University quarter, whilst students often do not explore beyond Mill Road. This accessible and attractively illustrated history gives equal prominence to both communities, demonstrating that the story of the town is just as rich as that of the University. Stephanie Boyd brings to life both the institutions and the individuals associated with this celebrated seat of learning, looking at the colleges, laboratories and (increasingly) companies that have grown up in Cambridge, as well as the many colourful individuals particularly associated with the city. The Story of Cambridge is an essential guide for anyone who wants to make sense of the University that dominates the city centre, and how it fits with Cambridge's broader identity as a riverside port, market town and modern city.

  • Highly accessible, fully illustrated, colourful guide to the story of one of Europe's most interesting and important small cities
  • Tells the history of Cambridge - both the town and University - and shows how the two are inextricably linked
  • Revised and updated, with many new images and maps, this new edition reflects the changes of the past few decades and presents a more diverse and balanced view of the city