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The State of Resistance

Politics, Culture, and Identity in Modern Iran

Author(s): Assal Rad

ISBN: 9781009193566
Publication Date: 25-08-2022
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While the Iranian nation-state has long captivated the attention of our media and politics, this book examines a country that is often misunderstood and explores forgotten aspects of the debate. Using innovative multi-disciplinary methods, it investigates the formation of an Iranian national identity over the last century and, significantly, the role of Iranian people in defining the contours of that identity. By employing popular culture as an archive of study, Assal Rad aims to rediscover the ordinary Iranian in studies of contemporary Iran, demonstrating how identity was shaped by music, literature, and film. Both accessible in style and meticulously researched, Rad's work cultivates a more holistic picture of Iranian politics, policy, and society, showing how the Iran of the past is intimately connected to that of the present.

  • Examines contemporary Iran in an accessible way for students and scholars
  • Employs a multi-disciplinary approach and uses popular culture as an archive of study to facilitate a more holistic view of contemporary Iran
  • Connects Iranian history to ongoing political issues concerning the US and Iran relationship