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The Social Psychology of Trauma

Connecting the Personal and the Political

Author(s): Orla T. Muldoon

ISBN: 9781009307017
Publication Date: 11/4/24
Pages: 222
Format: Paperback
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Many of us have been affected by trauma and struggle to manage our health and well-being. The social psychological approach to health highlights how social and cultural forces, as much as individual ones, are central to how we experience and cope with adversity. This book integrates psychology, politics, and medicine to offer a new understanding that speaks to the causes and consequences of traumatic experiences. Connecting the personal with the political, Muldoon details the evidence that traumatic experiences can, under certain conditions, impact people's political positions and appetite for social change. This perspective reveals trauma as a socially situated phenomenon linked to power and privilege or disempowerment and disadvantage. The discussion will interest those affected by trauma and those supporting them, as well as students, researchers, practitioners, and policy makers in social psychology, health and clinical psychology, and political science. This title is available as open access on Cambridge Core.

  • Provides a detailed summary of the causes, biological responses, and clinical and political consequences of trauma
  • Uses real world examples and personal engagement to illustrate scholarly research
  • Emphasises the political dimensions of personal traumatic experiences and their trajectories
  • This book is also available as open access