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The Science of Our Changing Climate

Author(s): Michael A. Box, Gail P. Box

ISBN: 9781009372336
Publication Date: 2/5/2024
Pages: 350
Format: Paperback
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This compelling textbook provides a broad overview of the science underpinning our understanding of our climate, and how it is changing. Presented in clear and accessible language, and requiring only minimal algebra, it enables students to understand how our planet “behaves” under “normal conditions” and how human activity has moved us away from that normal. It walks the student comprehensively through the basic science, including how greenhouse gases absorb radiation and, crucially, a chapter on aerosols, major players in climate change. Diverse case studies and examples illuminate the impact and connections to real world events while review questions and exercises consolidate knowledge. Including the latest results from the IPCC 6th Assessment Report, it concludes by exploring climate modelling, equipping students with an understanding of how to simulate both past climate changes and projections of future climate change. Online resources include lecture slides, solutions and Excel code.

  • Eloquent and engrossing writing style, clearly presenting and explaining the many aspects of science involved in climate change
  • Accessible to second and third year undergraduate students with a basic understanding of algebra and a basic (high school) background in physical science
  • Includes a full chapter on aerosols, which play an important role in climate change and directly affect air quality
  • Diverse and international case studies and examples enable students to see how the science 'plays out' in the word around them (thereby ensuring that the science does not feel abstract)
  • Comprehensive focus on the current science, including all the latest results from IPCC 6th Assessment Report.
  • Balance between quantitative and qualitative approaches
  • The code for the Energy Balance Climate Model discussed in the text is provided as an online resource