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The Psychology of Misinformation

Author(s): Jon Roozenbeek, Sander van der Linden

ISBN: 9781009214360
Publication Date: 4/4/24
Pages: 194
Format: Paperback
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King Charles III is Dracula's distant cousin. Governments are hiding information about UFOs. COVID-19 came from outer space. These sound like absurd statements, but some are true, and others are misinformation. But what exactly is misinformation? Who believes and spreads things that aren't true, and why? What solutions do we have available, and how well do they work? This book answers all these questions and more. Tackling the science of misinformation from its evolutionary origins to its role in the internet era, this book translates rigorous research on misleading information into a comprehensive and jargon-free explanation. Whether you are a student, researcher, policymaker, or changemaker, you will discover an easy-to-read analysis on human belief in today's world and expert advice on how to prevent deception.

  • Identifies the most important lessons learned from the last decade of research, when the topic of misinformation exploded in popularity
  • Translates rigorous research on misinformation into a comprehensive and jargon-free overview with humorous examples
  • Includes insights from psychology, political science, computer science, and history
  • Maps out the history, present, and future of misinformation and how to counter it