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The Privacy Fix

How to Preserve Privacy in the Onslaught of Surveillance

Author(s): Robert H. Sloan, Richard Warner

ISBN: 9781108708210
Publication Date: 28-10-2021
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Online surveillance of our behavior by private companies is on the increase, particularly through the Internet of Things and the increasing use of algorithmic decision-making. This troubling trend undermines privacy and increasingly threatens our ability to control how information about us is shared and used. Written by a computer scientist and a legal scholar, The Privacy Fix proposes a set of evidence-based, practical solutions that will help solve this problem. Requiring no technical or legal expertise, the book explains complicated concepts in clear, straightforward language. Bridging the gap between computer scientists, economists, lawyers, and public policy makers, this book provides theoretically and practically sound public policy guidance about how to preserve privacy in the onslaught of surveillance. It emphasizes the need to make tradeoffs among the complex concerns that arise, and it outlines a practical norm-creation process to do so.

  • Describes sophisticated technological, economic, legal, and public policy issues in plain English
  • Provides a practical framework in which concerns about privacy can be addressed effectively
  • Explains the problems and offers solutions