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The Poet's Voice

2nd Edition

Author(s): Simon Goldhill, Emma Greensmith

ISBN: 9781009478243
Publication Date: 3/6/24
Pages: 424
Format: Paperback
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How are poetry and the figure of the poet represented, discussed, contested within the poetry of ancient Greece? From what position does a poet speak? With what authority? With what debts to the past? With what involvement in the present? Through a series of interrelated essays on Homer, lyric poetry, Aristophanes, Theocritus and Apollonius of Rhodes, this landmark volume discusses key aspects of the history of poetics: tale-telling and the representation of man as the user of language; memorial and praise; parody, comedy and carnival; irony, masks and desire; the legacy of the past and the idea of influence. Detailed readings of major works of Greek literature and liberal use of critical writings from outside Classics help to align modern and ancient poetics in enlightening ways. This revised edition contains a substantial new Introduction which engages with critical and scholarly developments in Greek literature since the original publication.

  • Focuses on questions about the representation of poetry and the figure of the poet central to Greek literature and broader critical debate
  • Assumes no prior specialist knowledge of Greek and presents all texts in translation
  • Contains a substantial new Introduction engaging with critical and scholarly developments since the original publication