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The New Experts

Populist Elites and Technocratic Promises in Modi's Ind

Author(s): Anuradha Sajjanhar

ISBN: 9781009349758
Publication Date: 16/5/24
Pages: 198
Format: Paperback
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If right-populists have had enough of establishment experts, how do they replace them, with whom, and to what effect? Presenting the first in-depth analysis of India's new intellectual elite in the wake of a Hindu supremacist government, The New Experts investigates the power of appointed experts in normalising ideologies of governance, beyond party rhetoric. The New Experts presents an accessible narrative of how and why particular ideas gain prominence in elite policy and political discourse. Drawing on in-depth interviews and ethnographic research with national and international policy makers, politicians, bureaucrats, consultants, and journalists, this book analyses how political leaders in India strategically use modes of populist spectacle and established technocratic institutions to produce shared visions of glorified technological and hyper-nationalist futures. This title is part of the Flip it Open Programme and may also be available open access. Check our website Cambridge Core for details.

  • Analyses right-wing populist strategies for altering knowledge and ideologies of governance
  • Offers compelling new insights into our understanding of Hindu nationalism and the relationship between expertise and populism
  • Combines novel analysis of policy organisations and firms with cultural and ideological shifts