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The International Atlas of Mars Exploration

From Spirit to Curiosity: Volume 2. 2004 to 2014

Author(s): Philip J. Stooke

ISBN: 9781107030930
Publication Date: 1/4/2016
Pages: 444
Format: Hardback
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Beginning with the landing of the Spirit and Opportunity rovers in 2004 and concluding with the end of the Curiosity mission in 2014, this second volume of The International Atlas of Mars Exploration continues the story of Mars exploration in spectacular detail. It is an essential reference source on Mars and its moons, combining scientific and historical data with detailed and unique illustrations to provide a thorough analysis of twenty-first-century Mars mission proposals, spacecraft operations, landing site selection and surface locations. Combining a wealth of data, facts and illustrations, most created for this volume, the atlas charts the history of modern Mars exploration in more detail than ever before. Like the first volume, the atlas is accessible to space enthusiasts, but the bibliography and meticulous detail make it a particularly valuable resource for academic researchers and students working in planetary science and planetary mapping.

  • Includes rare and never before published data and information on the history of modern Mars exploration
  • Over two hundred illustrations, most newly created for this volume, show Mars exploration in a systematic manner never attempted before
  • Includes maps of each stage of exploration and step-by-step images of robotic arm and rover operations
  • An accessible guide to both the scientific development and historical background of Mars exploration