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The Great Gatsby: The 1926 Broadway Script

Author(s): F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edited by Owen Davis, James L. W. West, Anne Margaret Daniel

ISBN: 9781009385220
Publication Date: 25/4/24
Pages: 142
Format: Hardback
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The cultural ubiquity of The Great Gatsby is such that it is tempting to think we know almost all there is to say about it. But F. Scott Fitzgerald's most famous work still has the capacity to surprise us. Perhaps few admirers of the novel know that it was also adapted for the stage by Owen Davis. In 1926 a successful production ran at the Ambassador Theater in New York City. This edition presents, for the first time in print, the original Broadway script: a fascinating social and literary document, now all but forgotten. The play re-forged Fitzgerald's novel into a fast-moving dramatization of parties and bootlegging, dancing and drinking, hot jazz, adultery and violence. It afforded an evening of first-rate entertainment for Manhattan theatergoers. Incorporating photographs of the original sets and actors, reviews, and publicity pasted into Fitzgerald's scrapbooks, this volume lifts the curtain anew on a singular drama.

  • This edition makes available in print for the first time the script for this fascinating and lively 1926 Broadway adaptation of F Scott Fitzgerald's most famous novel
  • Includes an introduction that explores how director George Cukor played up the elements of jazz, adultery, and crime for the theater audience
  • Includes photographs of the actors and stage sets from the 1926 production, as well as reviews and publicity pasted into Fitzgerald's scrapbook, making it an essential purchase for all who cherish The Great Gatsby and admire its author