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The Decolonization of Knowledge

Radical Ideas and the Shaping of Institutions in South Africa and Beyond

Author(s): Jonathan D. Jansen, Cyrill A. Walters

ISBN: 9781009077934
Publication Date: 30-06-2022
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In 2015, students at the University of Cape Town used the slogan #RhodesMustFall to demand that a monument of Cecil John Rhodes, the empire builder of British South Africa, be removed from the university campus. Soon students at Oxford University called for the removal of a statue of Rhodes from Oriel College. The radical idea of decolonization at the forefront of these student protests continues to be a key element in South African educational institutions as well as those in Europe and North America. This book explores the uptake of decolonization in the institutional curriculum, given the political demands for decolonization on South African campuses, and the generally positive reception of the idea by university leaders. Based on interviews with more than two hundred academic teachers at ten universities, this is an innovative account of how institutions have engaged with, subverted, and transformed the decolonization movement since #RhodesMustFall.

  • Provides an empirical account of what happens to decolonization in higher education, enabling activists and planners to better influence the course of change in universities
  • Offers an African perspective on radical curriculum change while situating the issue within international scholarship
  • Written in accessible language so that it can be read by specialists and non-specialists alike