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The Cambridge Companion to Gulliver's Travels

Author(s): Edited by Daniel Cook, Nicholas Seager

ISBN: 9781108822008
Publication Date: 19/10/2023
Pages: 228
Format: Paperback
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Jonathan Swift's satirical masterpiece, Gulliver's Travels, has shocked and delighted readers worldwide since its publication in 1726. At turns a humorous and harrowing indictment of human behaviour, it has been endlessly reinterpreted by critics and adapted across media by other artists. The Cambridge Companion to Gulliver's Travels comprises 17 original chapters by leading scholars, written in a theoretically-informed but accessible style. As well as providing detailed close readings of each part of the narrative, this Companion relates Gulliver's Travels to the political, religious, scientific, colonial, and intellectual debates in which Swift was engaged, and it assesses the form of the book as a novel, travel book, philosophical treatise, and satire. Finally, it explores the Travels' rich and varied afterlives: the controversies it has fuelled, the films and artworks it has inspired, and the enduring need authors have felt to 'write back' to Swift's original, disturbing, and challenging story.

  • Provides a range of critical approaches to a Gulliver's Travels, enabling conceptually- and historically-informed engagement by readers at a range of levels
  • Models close readings and interpretations as well as broader generically- and contextually-informed analyses, giving readers the resources to develop their own original readings
  • Surveys and analyses critical receptions of and creative responses to Gulliver's Travels in the last 300 years, demonstrating the continuing relevance of an enduring, contested work