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The British Home Front and the First World War

Author(s): Edited by Hew Strachan

ISBN: 9781009012324
Publication Date: 2/2/23
Pages: 495
Format: Paperback
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The First World War required the mobilisation of entire societies, regardless of age or gender. The phrase 'home front' was itself a product of the war with parts of Britain literally a war front, coming under enemy attack from the sea and increasingly the air. However, the home front also conveyed the war's impact on almost every aspect of British life, economic, social and domestic. In the fullest account to-date, leading historians show how the war blurred the division between what was military and not, and how it made many conscious of their national identities for the first time. They reveal how its impact changed Britain for ever, transforming the monarchy, promoting systematic cabinet government, and prompting state intervention in a country which prided itself on its liberalism and its support for free trade. In many respects we still live with the consequences.

  • The fullest account to-date of the British home front in the First World War based on original research
  • Ranges from changes to government at the central and local levels to the conversion of industry and agriculture to a war economy and the war's effects on the people of Britain
  • Features leading economic, social, cultural and political historians