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The Blessings of Liberty

Author(s): John Witte, Jr.

ISBN: 9781108453264
Publication Date: 04-11-2021
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Leading legal scholar John Witte, Jr. explores the role religion played in the development of rights in the Western legal tradition and traces the complex interplay between human rights and religious freedom norms in modern domestic and international law. He examines how US courts are moving towards greater religious freedom, while recent decisions of the pan-European courts in Strasbourg and Luxembourg have harmed new religious minorities and threatened old religious traditions in Europe. Witte argues that the robust promotion and protection of religious freedom is the best way to protect many other fundamental rights today, even though religious freedom and other fundamental rights sometimes clash and need judicious balancing. He also responds to various modern critics who see human rights as a betrayal of Christianity and religious freedom as a betrayal of human rights.

  • Undercuts arguments that human rights are modern inventions
  • Challenges modern critics who dismiss religious freedom as an obstacle to human rights
  • Analyzes the latest religious freedom cases of the European and American high courts