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The Balanced Life

Author(s): M. Joseph Sirgy

ISBN: 9781009124546
Publication Date: 1/5/2022
Pages: 200
Format: Paperback
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The balanced life is a state of equally moderate-to-high levels of satisfaction in important and multiple life domains that contribute to overall life satisfaction. This book strives to improve the reader's understanding of what the balanced life is, and how it can be both achieved and maintained. Its primary goal is therefore to identify the major principles of life balance, and to introduce a comprehensive construct of the balanced life reflective of these principles. It discusses how life balance substantially contributes to subjective well-being – defined as life satisfaction, a preponderance of positive over negative feelings, and absence of ill-being – and explores strategies to attain life balance. It argues that achieving life balance, through manipulating one's thoughts and taking concrete action, will lead to increased personal happiness. Aimed at professional, academic, and lay audiences, this book is grounded in scientific studies related to work-life balance and the balanced life.

  • Outlines strategies for achieving life balance to increase personal happiness
  • Offers a timely contribution to the discussion of work-life balance and work-family interface
  • Appeals to a broad audience ranging from academics in human resource management or social psychology, to science journalists and life coaches, to professionals with high work and family demands