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Sustainability Science

2nd Edition

Author(s): Bert J. M. de Vries

ISBN: 9781009300216
Publication Date: 7/12/2023
Pages: 663
Format: Paperback
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The fully updated second edition of this innovative textbook provides a system analysis approach to sustainability for advanced undergraduate and graduate students. To an extent unparalleled in other textbooks, the latest scientific data and insights are integrated into a broad and deep transdisciplinary framework. Readers are encouraged to explore and engage with sustainability issues through the lenses of a cultural and methodological pluralism which promotes dialogue and alliances in the search for a (more) sustainable future. Ideal for students and their teachers in sustainable development, environmental science and policy, ecology, conservation, natural resources and geopolitics, the book will also appeal to interested citizens, activists, and policymakers, exposing them to the variety of perspectives on sustainability issues. Review questions and exercises provide the opportunity for consolidation and reflection. Online resources include appendices with more advanced mathematical material, model answers, and a wealth of recommended additional sources.

  • Fully revised and updated new edition; the more challenging mathematical material now moved online, enhancing its accessibility to a broader range of students
  • Innovative in employing a deep transdisciplinary approach to sustainable development focused on worldviews; students reflect on their own values and beliefs as a basis for engagement
  • Readers engage with sustainability issues through the lenses of cultural and methodological pluralism; helps train students to operate on 'post-normal science' projects with members from all disciplines
  • Examines the dynamics of human-environment systems and facilitates the design, implementation, and evaluation of practical interventions to promote sustainability in varied contexts
  • Appeals to engaged citizens, policymakers, and activists as well as its core audience of advanced students and their teachers
  • Thought provoking review questions and exercises consolidate what the reader has learnt and stimulates further reflection