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SALE Why Nations Fight?

Past and Future Motives for War

Author(s): Richard Ned Lebow

ISBN: 9780521170451
Publication Date: 2/9/2010
Pages: 318
Format: Paperback
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Four generic motives have historically led states to initiate war: fear, interest, standing, and revenge. Using an original data set, Richard Ned Lebow examines the distribution of wars across three and a half centuries and argues that, contrary to conventional wisdom, only a minority of these were motivated by security or material interest. Instead, the majority are the result of a quest for standing, and for revenge - an attempt to get even with states who had previously made successful territorial grabs. Lebow maintains that today none of these motives are effectively served by war - it is increasingly counterproductive - and that there is growing recognition of this political reality. His analysis allows for more fine-grained and persuasive forecasts about the future of war as well as highlighting areas of uncertainty.

  • Advances a novel approach to the causes of war and uses this to make forecasts about the future of war
  • A unique data set, compiled by the author, underlies the book's analysis
  • Includes a chapter-length discussion and critical review of existing theories and approaches to the study of war (realist, power transition, Democratic Peace, Marxist and rationalist)