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SALE Voices of The Race

Black Newspapers in Latin America, 1870–1960

Author(s): Edited and translated by Paulina Laura Alberto, George Reid Andrews, Jesse Hoffnung-Garskof

ISBN: 9781009073318
Publication Date: 1/9/2022
Format: Paperback
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Voices of the Race offers English translations of more than one hundred articles published in Black newspapers in Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, and Uruguay from 1870 to 1960. Those publications were as important in Black community and intellectual life in Latin America as African American newspapers were in the United States, yet they are almost completely unknown to English-language readers. Expertly curated, the articles are organized into chapters centered on themes that emerged in the Black press: politics and citizenship, racism and anti-racism, family and education, community life, women, Africa and African culture, diaspora and Black internationalism, and arts and literature. Each chapter includes an introduction explaining how discussions on those topics evolved over time, and a list of questions to provoke further reflection. Each article is carefully edited and annotated; footnotes and a glossary explain names, events, and other references that will be unfamiliar to English-language readers. A unique, fascinating insight into the rich body of Black cultural and intellectual production across Latin America.


  • Offers a rich body of English translations of over one hundred articles published in Black newspapers in Argentina, Brazil, Cuba and Uruguay, from 1870 to 1960
  • Introductions and annotations allow readers to understand the historical moment and context in which the articles were written
  • An insight into what Black writers and intellectuals across Latin America were saying about major topics, including racism and anti-racism, social justice, democracy, and arts and literature