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SALE General Continuum Mechanics

Author(s): T. J. Chung

ISBN: 9780521874069
Publication Date: 22/3/2007
Pages: 442
Format: Hardback
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In this book, a new approach is pioneered in providing a unified theory in continuum mechanics. General Continuum Mechanics is intended for the beginner, but it develops advanced material covering interdisciplinary subjects. With applications of convective, Lagrangian, and Eulerian coordinates and the first and second laws of thermodynamics, the first-year graduate student will learn solid mechanics and fluid mechanics as an integrated subject. Electromagnetic continuum and relativistic continuum are included. The conservational properties of mass, momentum, and energy on earth and in the universe constitute the ingredients of this book. They are the monumental contributions of Newton, Maxwell, and Einstein, a panorama of beauty of universal laws that evolved over the last four centuries. No boundaries are needed to separate them, but rather we integrate them in harmony and place them in perspective. This is the book for interdisciplinary studies to carry out the modern scientific projects in which engineering, physics, and applied mathematics must be combined.

  • This is for a broad audience including engineers, physicists, and applied mathematicians
  • Integrated thermodynamics treatments for solids and fluids
  • Electromagnetic continuum and relativistic continuum are included