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SALE For King and Country

Author(s): Heather Jones

ISBN: 9781108429368
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This is a ground-breaking history of the British monarchy in the First World War and of the social and cultural functions of monarchism in the British war effort. Heather Jones examines how the conflict changed British cultural attitudes to the monarchy, arguing that the conflict ultimately helped to consolidate the crown's sacralised status. She looks at how the monarchy engaged with war recruitment, bereavement, gender norms, as well as at its political and military powers and its relationship with Ireland and the empire. She considers the role that monarchism played in military culture and examines royal visits to the front, as well as the monarchy's role in home front morale and in interwar war commemoration. Her findings suggest that the rise of republicanism in wartime Britain has been overestimated and that war commemoration was central to the monarchy's revered interwar status up to the abdication crisis.

  • Revisionist account of the British monarchy during the Great War which shows that the war actually consolidated the crown rather than undermining it
  • Reveals the role of the monarchy – and monarchism – in British war identities, morale and commemoration as well as its role in empire, Ireland and in European diplomacy
  • Takes a cultural history approach to shed new light on wartime attitudes to gender, grief, empire and Britishness