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Russian Politics Today

Stability and Fragility

Author(s): Edited by Susanne A. Wengle

ISBN: 9781009165907
Publication Date: 27/10/22
Pages: 425
Format: Paperback
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Russian Politics Today: Stability and Fragility provides an accessible and nuanced introduction to contemporary Russian politics at a time of increasing uncertainty. Using the theme of stability versus fragility as its overarching framework, this innovative textbook explores the forces that shape Russia's politics, economy, and society. The volume provides up-to-date coverage of core themes – Russia's strong presidency, its weak party system, the role of civil society, and its dependence on oil and gas revenues – alongside path-breaking chapters on the politics of race, class, gender, sexuality, and the environment. An international and diverse team of experts presents the most comprehensive available account of the evolution of Russian politics in the post-Soviet era, providing the tools for interpreting the past and the present while also offering a template for understanding future developments.

  • Overarching theme of stability and fragility, with an emphasis on how political, economic, and social forces contribute to either stabilizing the institutions, laws, and order of the Putin era, or introducing fragility, uncertainty, and the potential for change
  • Emphasis on domestic politics, foregrounding institutional, interest, and ideational aspects of historical change and of the consolidation of authoritarian control under Putin, while also exploring how these impact foreign policy
  • A diverse, international team of authors, including established scholars and rising stars from across Europe and North America, and edited by a leading scholar in Russian studies
  • Wide-ranging coverage of Russian politics, including the previously under-explored topics of the politics of race, class, gender, sexuality, and the environment
  • Short, accessible chapters that forgo technical language to provide a concise introduction to each topic, as well as an overview of the latest research