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Reformations Compared

Religious Transformations across Early Modern Europe

Author(s): Edited by Henry A. Jefferies, Richard Rex

ISBN: 9781009468633
Publication Date: 21/3/24
Pages: 304
Format: Paperback
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Reformations Compared presents a collection of comparative studies of the Reformation as it reverberated across Europe in the sixteenth century. Each chapter is focused on two or more comparable geographical spaces, isolating the variables that help explain how and why the Reformation unfolded as it did in each separate setting. Rejecting notions of insularity, the contributors seek out the connections and contrasts that shaped the experience of the Reformation, from the Baltic to the Mediterranean, and from Ireland to Transylvania. In doing so, the volume offers a fresh understanding of the conditions in which the movement succeeded, whether wholly or partially, and those in which it did not. Reformations Compared provides a broad vantage point which encourages readers to reshape their understanding of this decisive episode in European history.

  • Utilises a comparative approach to explain the variables that shaped the unfolding of the Reformation across different locations
  • Provides European-wide coverage, exploring the impact of the Reformation both where it succeeded and where it did not
  • Looks beyond the established scholarly bias towards the Protestant states in western Europe