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Real News about the News

Media and British Politics

Author(s): Kenneth Newton

ISBN: 9781009387071
Publication Date: 1/2/2024
Pages: 202
Format: Paperback
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What role does the media play in British politics? There is growing concern that the media environment is biased, and that online news and social media spread fake news, conspiracy theories, propaganda, and foreign interference. Examining TV, radio, newspapers and the internet, Kenneth Newton unravels the real effects of the mainstream and alternative news media. With abundant evidence, Newton demonstrates that, contrary to popular belief: newspapers neither win nor lose elections; nor set election agendas; most citizens have a fairly mixed news diet and do not inhabit echo-chambers; social media influences on political attitudes are generally small and actually expand the range of news people get; impartial and reliable public service news still provides the bulk of the nation's news diet. Evidence shows that the main media effects on political attitudes and behaviour are positive and inform and mobilise citizens rather than influencing their voting choice.

  • Argues that the mass and alternative media are far less influential than most people believe
  • Uses sociology, politics, psychology and historical research to place the modern media in its context and explain media effects
  • Dispels the myth that news media is our only source of political information and opinion, revealing that our own experience of daily life and talking with others may be more influential