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Political Rhetoric in Theory and Practice

A Reader

Author(s): Robert C. Bartlett, Nasser Behnegar

ISBN: 9781009367387
Publication Date: 16/11/2023
Pages: 376
Format: Paperback
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Political Rhetoric in Theory and Practice is an introduction to the art of rhetoric or persuasive speaking. A collection of primary sources, it combines classic statements of the theory of political rhetoric (Aristotle, Isocrates, Demosthenes, Cicero) with a rich array of political speeches, from Socrates to Martin Luther King Jr., Pericles to Richard Nixon, Sojourner Truth to Phyllis Schlafly. These speeches exemplify not only the three principal kinds of rhetoric – judicial, deliberative, and epideictic – but also the principal rhetorical proofs. Grouped thematically, the speeches boast a diversity of speakers, subject matters, and themes. At a time when the practice of democracy and democratic deliberation are much in question, this book seeks to encourage the serious study of rhetoric by making available important examples of it, in both its noblest and its most scurrilous forms.

  • Provides classic examples of the actual practice of political rhetoric in different times and places
  • Makes readily accessible to students and general readers a rich array of fascinating speeches
  • Speeches are grouped thematically both by kinds of rhetoric, sorts of rhetorical proofs, and topic or theme
  • Includes excerpts from some of the greatest theoreticians of rhetoric, including Aristotle, Isocrates, and Cicero