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Plato: Republic Book I

Author(s): Plato

ISBN: 9781108970471
Publication Date: 4/9/2023
Pages: 320
Format: Paperback
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Plato's Republic is a central text in the Western philosophical tradition and also a specimen of its author's exceptional literary and dramatic skill. The first book introduces, and conspicuously fails to answer, the question: What is justice? It also introduces the sophist Thrasymachus, who is quite certain that he knows what justice is, namely that it is nothing other than what the dominant power in the state considers to be in its own interest. The contentious confrontation between Thrasymachus and Socrates sets the stage for Plato's controversial construction of an ideal state in which the true nature of justice will be revealed. The Commentary draws attention to the way Plato anticipates developments in later books, thus serving as an introduction to Republic as a whole. Particular attention is paid to Plato's language and style, so that students of Greek literature as well as philosophy are well served.

  • Provides summaries of Plato's argument and references to representative secondary literature in order to help orient students of Greek literature, while discussions of the language seek to clarify Plato's thinking
  • Highlights the literary character of Book I, presenting it as a dramatic encounter between two colorful individuals and providing the context of other discussions of justice in Greek literature
  • Explains in full the background to the historical and political setting of Republic, which will particularly benefit students of philosophy