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Planet in Peril

Humanity's Four Greatest Challenges and How We Can Overcome Them

Author(s): Michael D. Bess

ISBN: 9781009160339
Publication Date: 13/10/2022
Pages: 452
Format: Hardback
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Written by an award-winning historian of science and technology, Planet in Peril describes the top four mega-dangers facing humankind – climate change, nukes, pandemics, and artificial intelligence. It outlines the solutions that have been tried, and analyzes why they have thus far fallen short. These four existential dangers present a special kind of challenge that urgently requires planet-level responses, yet today's international institutions have so far failed to meet this need. The book lays out a realistic pathway for gradually modifying the United Nations over the coming century so that it can become more effective at coordinating global solutions to humanity's problems. Neither optimistic nor pessimistic, but pragmatic and constructive, the book explores how to move past ideological polarization and global political fragmentation. Unafraid to take intellectual risks, Planet in Peril sketches a plausible roadmap toward a safer, more democratic future for us all.

  • Offers a single explanatory framework for understanding the seemingly disparate challenges facing humankind
  • Describes a realistic pathway for modifying the United Nations to become a more effective instrument for coordinating planet-level solutions to humanity's mega-problems
  • Puts forward an integrated set of planet-level solutions that can be implemented incrementally over the coming century to head off potential catastrophes caused by these four mega-dangers
  • Written in vivid prose with illustrative examples drawn from history
  • Combines history, science, technology and politics in reflection and analysis