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Paradoxes and Inconsistent Mathematics

Author(s): Zach Weber

ISBN: 9781108834414
Publication Date: 21/10/2021
Pages: 324
Format: Hardback
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Logical paradoxes - like the Liar, Russell's, and the Sorites - are notorious. But in Paradoxes and Inconsistent Mathematics, it is argued that they are only the noisiest of many. Contradictions arise in the everyday, from the smallest points to the widest boundaries. In this book, Zach Weber uses "dialetheic paraconsistency" - a formal framework where some contradictions can be true without absurdity - as the basis for developing this idea rigorously, from mathematical foundations up. In doing so, Weber directly addresses a longstanding open question: how much standard mathematics can paraconsistency capture? The guiding focus is on a more basic question, of why there are paradoxes. Details underscore a simple philosophical claim: that paradoxes are found in the ordinary, and that is what makes them so extraordinary.