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Organising Responses to Climate Change

The Politics of Mitigation, Adaptation and Suffering

Author(s): Daniel Nyberg, Christopher Wright, Vanessa Bowden

ISBN: 9781009266932
Publication Date: 22-09-2022
Pages: 215
Format: Paperback
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Climate change is the most important issue now facing humanity. As global temperatures increase, floods, fires and storms are becoming both more intense and frequent. People are suffering. And yet, emissions continue to rise. This book unpacks the activities of the key actors which have organised past and present climate responses - specifically, corporations, governments, and civil society organisations. Analysing three elements of climate change - mitigation, adaptation and suffering - the authors show how exponential growth of the capitalist system has allowed the fossil fuel industry to maintain its dominance. However, this hegemonic position is now coming under threat as new and innovative social movements have emerged, including the fossil fuel divestment movement, Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion and others. In exposing the inadequacies of current climate policies and pointing to the possibilities of new social and economic systems, this book highlights how the worst impacts of climate change can be avoided.