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No Other Planet

Utopian Visions for a Climate-Changed World

Author(s): Mathias Thaler

ISBN: 9781009015653
Publication Date: 22-09-2022
Pages: 250
Format: Paperback
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Visions of utopia – some hopeful, others fearful – have become increasingly prevalent in recent times. This groundbreaking, timely book examines expressions of the utopian imagination with a focus on the pressing challenge of how to inhabit a climate-changed world. Forms of social dreaming are tracked across two domains: political theory and speculative fiction. The analysis aims to both uncover the key utopian and dystopian tendencies in contemporary debates around the Anthropocene; as well as to develop a political theory of radical transformation that avoids not only debilitating fatalism but also wishful thinking. This book juxtaposes theoretical interventions, from Bruno Latour to the members of the Dark Mountain collective, with fantasy and science fiction texts by N. K. Jemisin, Kim Stanley Robinson and Margaret Atwood, debating viable futures for a world that will look and feel very different from the one we live in right now.

  • By bringing political theory, utopian studies and the environmental humanities into a conversation with one another, this book reveals original and illuminating perspectives on what it means to inhabit a climate-changed world
  • Through an in-depth analysis of key authors in political theory, this book provides a systematic and comprehensive defense of social dreaming against both left- and right-wing skeptics
  • By unpacking how utopian theory-building and storytelling can become mutually illuminating, this book demonstrates that contemporary science fiction and fantasy authors, such as N. K. Jemisin, Kim Stanley Robinson and Margaret Atwood, meaningfully contribute to the ongoing debate around our climate-changed world