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Motivating Self and Others

Thriving with Social Purpose, Life Meaning, and the Pursuit of Core Personal Goals

Author(s): Martin E. Ford, Peyton R. Smith

ISBN: 9781108798785
Publication Date: 1/10/2020
Pages: 500
Format: Paperback
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This book describes the essential nature of human motivation by integrating the best ideas and evidence from motivational and evolutionary science. In doing so, the authors explain how the cultivation of goal-life alignment and 'thriving with social purpose' motivational patterns can inspire optimal functioning and enhance life meaning. Readers are provided with a comprehensive framework for guiding research and intervention efforts along with motivational principles designed to summarize the major themes in effective efforts to motivate yourself and those you wish to help or encourage. Special emphasis is placed on the importance of life meaning in empowering our motivational systems and protecting us from downward spirals of disappointment and suffering. Compelling evidence is provided to support the view that social purpose is as fundamental as self-interest in human motivational systems. The authors also focus on the catalytic role of social purpose in enabling humans to soar above all other species.

  • Presents a scientifically defensible way of thinking about human behaviour that recognizes that a strong sense of social purpose is a key motivator
  • Integrates theory and research on human motivation using an inclusive strategy that identifies the best ideas and evidence for both scientific and applied purposes
  • Organizes the concepts into a comprehensive framework that guides intervention efforts
  • Tells the story of how motivational processes evolved
  • Offers a new theory of life meaning that explains the central role that feelings of life meaning play in human motivation