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Liberal Freedom

Pluralism, Polarization, and Politics

Author(s): Eric MacGilvray

ISBN: 9781108836951
Publication Date: 15-09-2022
Pages: 239
Format: Hardback
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We seem to be losing the ability to talk to each other about – and despite – our political differences. The liberal tradition, with its emphasis on open-mindedness, toleration, and inclusion, is ideally suited to respond to this challenge. Yet liberalism is often seen today as a barrier to constructive dialogue: narrowly focused on individual rights, indifferent to the communal sources of human well-being, and deeply implicated in structures of economic and social domination. This book provides a novel defense of liberalism that weaves together a commitment to republican self-government, an emphasis on the value of unregulated choice, and an appreciation of how hard it is to strike a balance between them. By treating freedom rather than justice as the central liberal value this important book, critical to the times, provides an indispensable resource for constructive dialogue in a time of political polarization.

  • Provides us with the resources we need to move beyond the current impasse between competing authoritarian and utopian political ideals
  • Defends a conception of liberalism that's more political engaged and inclusive than the justice-centered contractarian view that's currently dominant in the academy
  • Develops a person-centered theory of political freedom centered on the distinction between responsible and non-responsible choice