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Later: The Neurophysiology of Decision-Making

Author(s): R. H. S. Carpenter, Imran Noorani

ISBN: 9781108827041
Publication Date: 28/9/2023
Pages: 192
Format: Paperback
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Why is deciding to do something sometimes so slow and difficult? How do we make decisions when lacking key information? When making decisions, the higher areas of the brain deliberately suppress lower areas capable of generating much faster but ill-considered responses while they develop ones that are more sophisticated, based on what can be gained in return. In this engaging book, the authors explore the increasingly popular neural model that may explain these mechanisms: the linear approach to threshold ergodic rate (LATER). Presenting a detailed description of the neurophysiological processes involved in decision-making and how these link to the LATER model, this is the first major resource covering the applications in describing human behaviour. With over 100 illustrations and a thorough discussion of the mathematics supporting the model, this is a rigorous yet accessible resource for psychologists, cognitive neuroscientists and neurophysiologists interested in decision-making