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Kiev 1941

Author(s): David Stahel

ISBN: 9781107610149
Publication Date: 14-02-2013
Pages: 486
Format: Paperback
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In just four weeks in the summer of 1941 the German Wehrmacht wrought unprecedented destruction on four Soviet armies, conquering central Ukraine and killing or capturing three quarters of a million men. This was the Battle of Kiev - one of the largest and most decisive battles of World War II and, for Hitler and Stalin, a battle of crucial importance. In this book, David Stahel charts the battle's dramatic course and aftermath, uncovering the irreplaceable losses suffered by Germany's 'panzer groups' despite their battlefield gains, and the implications of these losses for the German war effort. He illuminates the inner workings of the German army as well as the experiences of ordinary soldiers, showing that with the Russian winter looming and Soviet resistance still unbroken, victory came at huge cost and confirmed the turning point in Germany's war in the East.

  • Acclaimed history of one of the largest battles of World War II with significant implications for the course of the war as a whole
  • Opens up a critical new dimension in Hitler and Stalin's struggle for supremacy on the Eastern front
  • Combines the broader strategic context of the campaign with the daily experience of battle of ordinary soldiers