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Karl Popper

Author(s): Edited by Anthony O'Hear

ISBN: 9781009230094
Publication Date: 2/5/2024
Pages: 442
Format: Paperback
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Sir Karl Popper was a major thinker of the twentieth century, one who – as Anthony O'Hear writes in his new Foreword – 'has had a beneficent influence on those who have come under the spell of his thought and of the inimitable prose in which he articulates it'. It is now twenty-five years since Popper died, and thus seems – after a quarter of a century – an apposite moment to revaluate his impact, significance, and influence. The several chapters in this classic volume focus on many key elements of Popper's thought and philosophy. They are by no means uncritical, but afford Popper the respect due to a philosopher who wrote always with a degree of clarity, precision, and directness rare in the academic world of his time, and – as O'Hear puts it – 'even rarer subsequently'. This important book constitutes an essential introduction to some of the most esteemed philosophical writing of our times.

  • Reassesses Popper's thought in key areas like the philosophy of science; quantum theory; biology; the theory of evolution; and the theory and practice of politics
  • A new Foreword by Anthony O'Hear looks at Popper in our present-day context
  • Shows why Popper's work deserves ongoing consideration and study