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Grow the Pie

How Great Companies Deliver Both Purpose and Profit – Updated and Revised

Author(s): Alex Edmans

ISBN: 9781009054676
Publication Date: 04-11-2021
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A Financial Times Book of the Year 2020! Should companies be run for profit or purpose? In this ground-breaking book, acclaimed finance professor and TED speaker Alex Edmans shows it's not an either-or choice. Drawing from real-life examples spanning industries and countries, Edmans demonstrates that purpose-driven businesses are consistently more successful in the long-term. But a purposeful company must navigate difficult trade-offs and take tough decisions. Edmans provides a roadmap for company leaders to put purpose into practice, and overcome the hurdles that hold many back. He explains how investors can discern which companies are truly purposeful and how to engage with them to unleash value for both shareholders and society. And he highlights the role that citizens can play in reshaping business to improve our world. This edition has been thoroughly updated to include the pandemic, the latest research, and new insights on how to make purpose a reality.

  • This book shows how companies can be a force for good - and outlines an actionable framework to make this a reality
  • Shows a purpose-driven approach not also creates more value for society but - surprisingly - also leads to higher profits in the long-term
  • Uses the highest-quality evidence to uncover surprising results - in particular, how they can be used to serve wider society rather than only the elites
  • The book takes both sides - business and society - very seriously, and also acknowledges the evidence against a purposeful approach to business
  • This fully-updated paperback edition includes the latest research as well as insights on how businesses put purpose into practice during the pandemic