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Fueling Sovereignty

Colonial Oil and the Creation of Unlikely States

Author(s): Naosuke Mukoyama

ISBN: 9781009444293
Publication Date: 21/3/24
Pages: 248
Format: Paperback
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European colonialism was often driven by the pursuit of natural resources, and the resulting colonization and decolonization processes have had a profound impact on the formation of the majority of sovereign states that exist today. But how exactly have natural resources influenced the creation of formerly colonized states? And would the world map of sovereign states look significantly different if not for these resources? These questions are at the heart of Fueling Sovereignty, which focuses primarily on oil as the most significant natural resource of the modern era. Naosuke Mukoyama provides a compelling analysis of how colonial oil politics contributed to the creation of some of the world's most “unlikely” states. Drawing on extensive archival sources on Brunei, Qatar and Bahrain, he sheds light on how some small colonial entities achieved independence despite their inclusion in a merger project promoted by the metropole and regional powers.

  • Investigates the historical relationship between natural resources, colonialism, and state formation, uncovering the true impact of natural resources on the process of state formation
  • Properly acknowledges the previously underestimated agency of small oil producers
  • Features rich examples of different kinds of natural resources and a variety of historical cases from across the world