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The Christmas Adventure: Fitz and Will - the Cambridge Cats

Author(s): Laura Robson Brown, Illustrated by Jia Han, Devised by Katherine Mann

ISBN: 9780992867423
Publication Date: 01-01-2019
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Fitz and Will, the Cambridge Cats, return for a third and very Christmassy adventure in the historic city. On Christmas eve, their curiosity leads them to King's College Chapel where they find themselves amongst the excited crowds at the world-famous carol service. After causing no end of chaos in the chapel, they escape to explore the rest of the College, passing through a hall laid for a feast and stopping to rest in a professor's study. However, they are not the only visitors, and wake to find themselves in the company of Father Christmas. They end up in Father Christmas’s sack when their curiosity get the better of them and their adventure takes them on a fabulous magical sleigh ride over Cambridge rooftops.