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Fascism in America

Author(s): Edited by Gavriel D. Rosenfeld, Janet Ward

ISBN: 9781009337434
Publication Date: 14/9/2023
Pages: 461
Format: Paperback
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Has fascism arrived in America? In this pioneering book, Gavriel D. Rosenfeld and Janet Ward have gathered experts to survey the history of fascism in the United States. Although the US established a staunch anti-fascist reputation by defeating the Axis powers in World War II, the unsettling truth is that fascist ideas have long been present within American society. Since the election of Donald Trump as President in 2016, scholars have debated whether Trumpism should be seen as an outgrowth of American conservatism or of a darker – and potentially fascist – tradition. Fascism in America contributes to this debate by examining the activities of interwar right-wing groups like the Silver Shirts, the KKK, and the America First movement, as well as the post-war rise of Black antifascism and white vigilantism, the representation of American Nazis in popular culture, and policy options for combating right-wing extremism.

  • Offers an accessible assessment of American fascism from a historical and contemporary perspective
  • Helps contextualize the origins of present-day right-wing trends across the United States
  • Presents the most cutting-edge scholarship on American fascism