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Euripides: Iphigenia in Tauris

Author(s): Edited by Emily Kearns

ISBN: 9781107614611
Publication Date: 16/03/2023
Pages: 320
Format: Paperback
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Euripides' Iphigeneia among the Taurians has been a popular and influential text from antiquity onwards. It is a suspenseful drama set on the Black Sea coast in what is now Crimea, which explores themes of family loyalty, Greeks and barbarians, and the nature of the gods. The plot combines an unrecognised meeting between Iphigeneia, now a priestess of Artemis among the Taurians, and her brother Orestes, who with his friend Pylades has been captured and brought to her for sacrifice, with an exciting escape attempt for all three, ultimately brought about by divine intervention. This edition includes a full Introduction to the literary and production aspects of the play, while the Commentary elucidates problems of language as well as interpretation. These combine to make the play fully accessible to intermediate-level undergraduates and graduate students wishing to read it in the original Greek.

  • Includes an up-to-date Greek text established by the author so that students can be sure they are presented with the latest scholarly thinking on the text
  • The Introduction explores in detail the background, setting and themes of the play as well as textual and metrical issues so that the student can properly appreciate the play
  • The Commentary provides extensive linguistic help as well as literary comment so that the student can successfully tackle the play in the original Greek