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Essentials of Atmospheric and Oceanic Dynamics

ISBN: 9781107692794
Publication Date: 24-01-2019
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This is a modern, introductory textbook on the dynamics of the atmosphere and ocean, with a healthy dose of geophysical fluid dynamics. It will be invaluable for intermediate to advanced undergraduate and graduate students in meteorology, oceanography, mathematics, and physics. It is unique in taking the reader from very basic concepts to the forefront of research. It also forms an excellent refresher for researchers in atmospheric science and oceanography. It differs from other books at this level in both style and content: as well as very basic material it includes some elementary introductions to more advanced topics. The advanced sections can easily be omitted for a more introductory course, as they are clearly marked in the text. Readers who wish to explore these topics in more detail can refer to this book's parent, Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics: Fundamentals and Large-Scale Circulation, now in its second edition.

  • Provides more introductory and more concise coverage of ocean-atmosphere dynamics than the author's comprehensive volume Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics: Fundamentals and Large-Scale Circulation, 2nd edition (Cambridge, 2017)
  • The parent book is the market-leading advanced reference textbook on atmospheric and oceanic dynamics, but at nearly 1000 pages, is too long and advanced for many students and courses: Essentials is much more accessible
  • Written by Geoffrey K. Vallis, a world leader in atmospheric and oceanic dynamics