Essential Pre-University Physical Chemistry

Essential Pre-University Physical Chemistry

Author(s): David Follows
Publication Date: 14-01-2021

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Isaac is a Department for Education project at the University of Cambridge that develops understanding and confidence through problem solving in the physical sciences, by combining accessible and concise print resources with a state of the art online study tool. This book is a co-publication between Periphyseos Press/Isaac and Cambridge University Press. ESSENTIAL PRE-UNIVERSITY PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY helps you master the concepts of physical chemistry required in final-year school courses and entry-level university. Use the exercises to practise applying fundamental principles of physical chemistry to a range of real-life systems, beginning with manipulating the essential equations. All problems can be answered on the Isaac online platform. Registration is free and gives both students and teachers personalised support through a sophisticated online marking system for all problems. Check out the Isaac Physics website, which also hosts physical chemistry problem solving.

  • Develops the physical chemistry skills required for final-year school and entry-level university
  • Numerous exercises develop a deep understanding of real-life physical systems
  • All problems can be answered on the Isaac Chemistry website, a state of the art online study tool

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