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Because We Can Stop Cervical Cancer

Author(s): Linda Eckert

ISBN: 9781009412650
Publication Date: 11/1/24
Pages: 350
Format: Hardback
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Cervical cancer kills almost 350,000 women each year. What's more horrifying, is that millions have died of this disease that's nearly 100% preventable. It's no secret that healthcare is full of inequities, with a severe lack of accessible screening programs. But women's health care is also impeded by cultural, gender, and political barriers, issues that have combined to create devastating consequences. A leading expert in cervical cancer prevention, Dr Linda Eckert takes her years of experience and weaves it together with the voices of the courageous women who use their own experience of cervical cancer to advocate for change. This heart-breaking, yet hopeful, book takes you through the world of cervical cancer with evidence-based information, personal stories and actionable outcomes. Society flourishes when women have access to safe and affordable healthcare. Together we can make this need a reality and eliminate the world's most preventable cancer.

  • Written by Dr Linda Eckert, an expert in gynecology, immunization and cervical cancer, the book is grounded in her decades of experience working with women around the world. Information is evidence-based but accessible as she explores the reasons for such a persistently high death toll and the barriers to changing it
  • Stories told by survivors or patients' families paint a picture of the impact this deadly disease has on women and their communities. These powerful tales are both heartbreaking in their portrayal of loss, as well as passionate and optimistic in their advocacy for change
  • An outlines of what steps need to be taken to improve access to safe and affordable healthcare for everyone with a cervix, as well as the societal benefits of doing so, this is a practical call to action. Shows readers myriad ways they can help in their own communities, and how men can dismantle wider patriarchal barriers and support the cause more broadly