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Encounters with Islam

Author(s): Lawrence Rosen

ISBN: 9781009388986
Publication Date: 14/9/2023
Pages: 256
Format: Paperback
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Too often, Western encounters with the Islamic world commence with stereotypes and end with a renewed distance. Drawing from decades of experience studying the Muslim world, Lawrence Rosen challenges these narrow understandings. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, Rosen shows the wide-ranging significance of Muslim art, culture, and law around the world. Exploring political, economic, and social encounters within and with the Muslim world across the eras, he considers a wide range of contexts – from fifteenth-century mosaics in Central Asia that reveal a complex understanding of mathematics, to the political choices available to the youth of modern-day Morocco and Cairo. With in-depth analyses of art, law, and religion, and how they informed one another, Rosen develops a vibrant, nuanced portrait of the Islamic world. Drawing linkages across time, regions, and cultures, this is a significant anthropological study of the Islamic world from a seasoned scholar.

  • Adopts an interdisciplinary approach to offer original insights on Islamic art, culture, and law
  • Offers a range of examples to illustrate the relationship between Islam and everyday life
  • Develops a nuanced portrait of the Islamic world that challenges existing stereotypes