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Election Interference

International Law and the Future of Democracy

Author(s): Jens David Ohlin

ISBN: 9781108796828
Publication Date: 16/7/2020
Pages: 230
Format: Paperback
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Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election produced the biggest political scandal in a generation, marking the beginning of an ongoing attack on democracy. In the run-up to the 2020 election, Russia was found to have engaged in more “information operations,” a practice that has been increasingly adopted by other countries. In Election Interference, Jens David Ohlin makes the case that these operations violate international law, not as a cyberwar or a violation of sovereignty, but as a profound assault on democratic values protected by the international legal order under the rubric of self-determination. He argues that, in order to confront this new threat to democracy, countries must prohibit outsiders from participating in elections, enhance transparency on social media platforms, and punish domestic actors who solicit foreign interference. This important book should be read by anyone interested in protecting election integrity in our age of social media disinformation.

  • Provides one of the only full-length studies of foreign election interference
  • Outlines what states can do to combat election interference and protect the integrity of the democratic process
  • Presents a novel theory that focuses on the collective right of self-determination
  • Explains why soliciting election interference is an impeachment offense