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Diplomatic Tradecraft

Author(s): Nicholas Kralev

ISBN: 9781009114936
Publication Date: 28/3/2024
Pages: 414
Format: Paperback
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As universities and governments seek to prepare the next generation of diplomats to manage international affairs, they finally have a teaching tool focusing on the practical knowledge and skills that in the past could be learned only on the job. Edited by Nicholas Kralev, founder of the Washington International Diplomatic Academy, Diplomatic Tradecraft brings together 18 career ambassadors with decades of experience to lift the curtain on a mysterious but vital profession, and to pass on the insights and abilities they gained to those who will succeed them. Beginning with an overview of diplomatic institutions and protocols, the text considers the key attributes of diplomatic communication and negotiation, as well as core specializations including economic, consular and public diplomacy. With compelling narratives, case studies and exercise scenarios, the chapters on various aspects of diplomatic practice form a cohesive and comprehensive volume, written in an accessible and engaging style.

  • Offers instructors a systematic and insightful approach to teaching diplomacy that gives students a realistic, in-depth understanding of careers in diplomacy
  • Treats students as entry-level diplomats and teaches them specific skills and competences to prepare them for the demands of the diplomatic world
  • Presents a realistic view of both the advantages and shortcomings of the current diplomacy system and offers specific advice on how to navigate it in order to help students to better understand what diplomacy can and cannot achieve, and make informed decisions about potential career choices
  • Includes a diplomatic démarche from the editor, additional diplomatic cables, and additional exercises in the online resources to provide further practical examples and application of skills for students