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Debussy in Context

Author(s): Edited by Simon Trezise

ISBN: 9781108472067
Publication Date: 23/5/24
Pages: 358
Format: Hardback
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Exploring the many dimensions of Debussy's historical significance, this volume provides new perspectives on the life and work of a much-loved composer and considers how social and political contexts shape the way we approach and perform his works today. In short, focused chapters building on recent research, contributors chart the influences, relationships and performances that shaped Debussy's creativity, and the ways he negotiated the complex social and professional networks of music, literature, art, and performance (on and off the stage) in Belle Époque Paris. It probes Debussy's relationship with some of the most influential '-isms' of his time, including his fascination with early music and with the 'exotic', and assesses his status as a pioneer of musical modernism and his continuing popularity with performers and listeners alike.

  • Provides fresh perspectives on musical and cultural life in Debussy's Paris, and his interactions with some of the most influential artistic movements of his time
  • Considers contemporary responses to Debussy's music, his reputation for innovation and controversy, and his continuing popularity with audiences today
  • Includes listening suggestions and reading lists for each chapter, giving readers a complete critical springboard from which to explore Debussy in greater depth